Bespoke Business Services for Mid Market Segments (India & Africa)

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  • We develop long-term “platform” relationships with reputable infrastructure developers, EPC contractors, engineering consultants, project managers, financial institutions, investment funds, assets managers and operators etc with demonstrated solid track record.

  • We asssit to acquire or co-invest in operating infrastructure assets.

  • We assist to acquire or co-invest in shovel-ready and bankable infrastructure projects or advanced-stage infrastructure projects.

   Qualifying clients would typically would be....
  • Mid market and emerging SME corporates in  India or Africa with annual revenues > 1 USD million.

  • Annual revenues > USD 1 million with positive EBITDA on a consistent basis and past 2-3 years.

  • Client must have an oprational history of at least 2 years.

  • Preferably and consistently profit making.

  • Sector agnostic across core industrial or infrastructre sectors.

  • Seeking business+capital rasie advisory combined ticket of 3 to 100 million USD.

  • Either Private Debt/Equity/Hybrid Mezzanine/Structured Trade Financing, and

  • Clent must have positive cash flow.